6 thoughts on “Sprout Shout

    1. It was fun for a first try. Can’t wait to do more.Totally unrelated….is that vervet monkey still around? Something about that creature really touched me!

      1. Yes we have a resident troop of vervets in our neighbourhood and they visit our garden every few days. The troop is relatively stable in size – about 20. This year we saw about 5 new babies but their survival rate is very low, and many adults also meet untimely ends, sadly. That monkey-alarm calling is a senior monkey and he is one of my favourites – there are a few individuals that are distinctive enough for me to distinguish them. I am very fond of the monkeys so I am pleased to know that they touch you too. Sadly, many people dislike them intensely as habituated monkeys can enter houses to look for food. Of course there are ways of preventing that but some folks feel that the monkeys must “learn” and we can just carry on regardless!

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