Heron Hike 2

The foliage in Central Massachusetts is becoming more brilliant each day. Swamp maples surrounding the beaver lodge at Wachusett Wildlife Sanctuary are nearly at peak color.

Meanwhile, the juvenile Great Blue Heron featured in the previous post is still roaming the sanctuary. It seems in no rush to migrate, perhaps because of the warm weather this week.

Beaver Lodge, Wildlife Pond, Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary

Juvenile Great Blue Heron, South Meadow

16 thoughts on “Heron Hike 2

  1. Wow! Great colors! The foliage always attract me so much! Gorgeous shots, Julie, you make me happy. 🙂

    1. Thanks. The water foliage is really bright; still waiting on most foliage to come in to full color, though. I love seeing the heron against the colored backdrop.

  2. Wow, the changing colors of the foliage are spectacular! Great photos, Julie, enjoyed the GBH and the beaver lodge. How fortunate to witness these autumnal changes, thanks for sharing the glory.

    1. Thanks, Jet. I do love New England in the fall! I’ve enjoyed seeing the GBH so much…it has caught both mice and snakes in the meadow, which I wouldn’t have usually seen. However, I hope it takes off soon! Winter is coming!

  3. Thank you for sharing this riot of colors, Julie. Some heavy fall storms have denuded most of our trees so that we are not nearly as polychromatic as you are.
    I wish you a pleasant week.

    1. Hi Tanja!
      I am out to make the most of the fall colors in New England. Alas, the colors have been mostly yellows and golds here, without a great deal of red/orange, as in other years. I love this cooler weather, though, and am enjoying mini road-trips every day that I can. Hope you are well!

      1. I’m glad you are enjoying your autumn, Julie, even if the colors are less versatile than in other years. It’s just good to be out-of-doors and soak in the daylight and sunshine as much as possible.

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