A Towering Tribute

Bancroft Tower in Worcester, MA was designed to look like a miniature Romanesque castle.
Made of natural stone and granite, it is 56 feet high.
It was erected in 1900 in honor of George Bancroft: Worcester native, Secretary to the Navy, Founder of the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Minister to Great Britain and Germany.

10 thoughts on “A Towering Tribute

    1. It’s a great little “castle”. So much fun for New Englanders to visit. I wonder if my European followers are chuckling a bit, because I’m making so much out of something they can find in their environment fairly easily! 😉

    1. Thank you, and thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I always look forward to your posts, and am astonished at the details in words and photography. Wishing you a good vacation, with photos if you wish, or just relaxing for a change.

      1. I enjoy visiting and seeing your vibrant photos of your beautiful region and garden. Thanks for the kind wishes. Sometimes it is good to put the camera down but I find using the camera can be quite a meditative practice. We do intend to have a peaceful and relaxing time, thanks. With best wishes from SA.

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