11 thoughts on ““Duck, Duck, Goose”

    1. Did you ever play Pato, pato. ganso as a child, Elvira? I taught my first grade class this and some other Spanish songs when trying to get them to learn a bit of Spanish in a fun way 😉

      1. Oh! Yes, I remember, long time ago😃
        Wow! Thats great idea! So fun way😉
        Thanks for share it, Julie!
        Have a lovely week!

  1. Nice pond there, visiting your friends the avians? One time, I was playing golf with some friends and it was time for me to drive a shot, by the way this golf course was always occupied by Canada geese (Crap all over!) Then when I did my shot, some geese took on flight and I hit one that came down. I yelled duck, duck! One of my friends which all were laughing, said it’s not a duck, it’s a goose…I told him I wanted the goose to duck and not get hurt! the rest of the game we laughed all along. The goose went down but not hurt. This is a true story. Thank you, Julie. 🙂

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