Birding Companions

The kind help of another photographer allowed me to see and photograph my first Bald Eagle.

Standing knee-deep in a pond in November is true dedication for any photographer!

Curiosity brought me and others to the site.
An eagle was perched high in the canopy.

Beware of the talons…

And the beak!

Browning Pond, Oakham/Spencer MA

25 thoughts on “Birding Companions

      1. Quabbin has a lot of them, I hear. On Sunday, I heard the ravens and crows making a ruckus down by the river, so I went to investigate and there was an eagle which flew off a bit down the river and alighted upon another tree. They ravens didn’t let up for hours!

      2. Quabbin is known for helping to bring them back , and as often as I’ve been there, I’ve never seen one. Maybe now I’ll continue to be lucky. πŸ˜‰

  1. The bald eagle is a very special bird, it has such a presence, is a symbol of strength, power, character and dignity. I love this bird. Was the water cold, Julie? Good girl! πŸ‘ πŸ™‚

    1. Ha! I didn’t go in the water like the man. I’m WAY too much of a puppy for that! He was so gracious to stop what he was doing, come out of the water, and help us!
      He said the eagle had been hanging around, so I’m hoping to go back there soon!

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