Clever Crows

Did you know that crows are clever and adaptable? They can recognize and remember human faces, and some can even read traffic lights, so they can safely pick up food from the road!

I have been fascinated with a group of crows in the field recently. They seem shy and skittish to me. Each time I try to sneak closer for a better photograph, they fly away. I hope this is because they don’t recognize my face yet…

In folklore, seeing four crows together means wealth. We’ll see!


About the author jmankowsky

This photo blog features the seasonal changes in nature observed in my own backyard and a variety of local environments. The Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary in Princeton, MA is often highlighted as a model for the positive effects a small nature preserve can have on the larger environment and the local community. Local sites of historical, cultural and recreational interest are spotlighted as well. All photographs were taken by me. Thank you so much for visiting.

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