A Keen Observer

This northern cardinal, high above me on his windy perch, spotted me photographing him. With feathers rustling in the wind, his watchful eye followed me attentively. With a sudden flash of brilliant red, he swooped down to command the bird feeders, constantly checking out the action around him. It wasn’t until he was at ground level that he seemed curiously unconcerned with the small mammals hunting for seeds with him.

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About the author jmankowsky

I live in Central Massachusetts in the United States--a wonderful area for nature, art and culture. Using a compact camera, I celebrate daily life found here in a variety of local landscapes throughout the changing seasons.

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    1. What would I do without cardinals to brighten up the long snowy white New England winters?



  1. Beautiful Cardinal! I have a family of cardinals living in a tree behind my house. They are the only bird that I can identify their chirp. I love to watch them! Your picture with the Cardinal, ground squirrel and squirrel was wonderful!



    1. Thanks so much! The are so entertaining and cheerful!



  2. They are stunning, we don’t have them in Australia, so it’s a treat to see such birds.



    1. Here in Massachusetts, they are an especially welcome shot of color in the Winter when the white snow cover seems endless.

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