14 thoughts on “Horsin’ Around

  1. I always dream of having a house like that! Including the horses! What a gorgeous place. Thanks, Julie. I enjoyed your post. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this series of horse photos, Julie, beautiful creatures, beautiful setting. The details you captured on the horses were especially pleasing.

  3. I grew up with horses and love them. I noticed the horse in the first photo is separated from the other two and it appears that the fences between the two fields with horses are far apart and so prevent the single horse from touching the other two. If the horses are not separated because they fight, why not put them together. They can touch, scratch each other’s backs, and use their tails to flick insects off the other horses’ faces.

    1. Hmmm…. that’s an interesting point. I am a photographer, and happened to be driving by the site, so I don’t really have an answer for you. Thanks for visiting and commenting, though!

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