Quinnetuket Picnic

“Quinnetuket” is the Native American word for Connecticut, and means “beside the long river”. The Connecticut River is the longest river in New England, flowing southward for 406 miles through four states. As it runs through Northfield, Massachusetts, the Riverview Picnic Area provides a wonderfully scenic place for a picnic in any season.

16 thoughts on “Quinnetuket Picnic

    1. How lucky I was to grow up there in Northfield, Mass, between the Connecticut and the Northfield Mountain! My grandparents had a farm not far from the river.

  1. I’m incline to say, this Autumn has been the most colorful in ten years. Your photographs are witness of that. Thank you, Julie. 🙂

  2. How beautiful and such stunning colours. I enjoyed the video with the falling leaves. ‘Fall’ is perhaps a more evocative name than ‘autumn’ for the season!

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