11 thoughts on “Curious Cardinals

    1. No fights, just hanging out together. The audubon staff tells me they often sprinkle some seed on the ground around the feeders, so there is “enough for everybody” without fighting. 😉

  1. Lovely to see the birds and the squirrels intermingling. I was interested to read about sprinkling bird seed on the ground to cut down on squabbling for access. We only feed birds very intermittently and when we do we scatter seed on the ground but only when rain is not imminent, so it gets eaten before it can get mouldy. This way birds of different sizes and temperaments get to feed peaceably and they are less likely to gorge themselves too as they have to work a bit to pick up the seed! We are lucky that there are no predators around during the day (our cats are confined to the house and their own fenced garden).

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