Cupboard Cooking

Continuing my stay-at-home explorations in the kitchen, I now head to my cupboard to find ingredients, instead of going to the grocery store. Canned garbanzo beans, peanut butter and bottled lemon juice combined for a smooth, zesty hummus. I didn’t miss the tahini or fresh lemon.

I used egg replacer in my chocolate cake mix, and saved the real eggs for Easter. Replacing the oil with Greek yogurt led to a dense, moist batch of cupcakes.

Hummus with beets, turnips, celery and Italian bread.
For the chocolate cake mix, I used Bob’s egg replacer, but you could also substitute 1-1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil mixed with 1-1/2 tablespoons water and 1 teaspoon baking powder, (NOT soda), per egg.
I frosted a few cupcakes, but left some plain for that total “chocolate” taste.

Home Comforts

Here are some easy-to-make nutritious foods I’ve enjoyed preparing during my home-bound time. These offerings are meatless. I feel fortunate to have had these ingredients available locally.

Easy Popovers in a regular muffin pan.
Spaghetti and added “zucchini pasta” made with the spiralizer.
Easy no-yeast flat bread.
Beans and rice. Uncle Ben’s Quick-Cooking Rice with black beans, kidney beans and corn.
Vegetable lasagna made with green beans, carrots, celery and mozzarella.
Boiled polenta (cornmeal).
Power Puffs. Lots of protein, no cooking.
Fresh apple sauce made with local apples. Just the apples-no sugar added.
A welcoming and cheerful table can lift your spirits during these isolating times.

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