Another “Bluebird”

Tree Swallows, with their deep-blue iridescent backs, are the first swallows to return to Massachusetts in the Spring. They compete with Eastern Bluebirds for nest boxes. These swallows were perched on the bluebird boxes at Wachusett Meadow Audubon Sanctuary.

12 thoughts on “Another “Bluebird”

  1. Great shots! I’ve seen them at the refuge and they are always difficult to photograph as they fly so fast, or maybe I am not fast enough at the draw! 😜

  2. Tree swallows are usually also the first swallows to return to our latitudes, Julie. There are a few parks where they raise their young in the nesting boxes provided by volunteers and it’s always a joy to watch them glide through the air in their shimmering attire.

    1. Thanks. Just today I saw barn swallows for the first time this year. Blue like the tree swallows, but with a reddish throat. Ah, Spring!

      1. Enjoy your spring! We are getting our first wintery weather here this week with snow on the mountains. We get barn swallows here too in the spring/summer. I have just looked up your very beautiful tree swallow and see that it only occurs in north America.

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