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Golden Day

The foliage colors were muted in Central Massachusetts earlier in October, so it was a pleasure to be immersed in golden hues with pops of red this week at Wachusett Meadow.

North Meadow
Eastern Bluebird

Farm Pond
South Meadow
Wildlife Pond
Beaver Wetlands
Wildlife Pond Reflections

Pumpkin Patch Games

Farm-style versions of classic indoor and outdoor games are a treat for all at Bemis Farms Nursery on fall weekends.

Take a ghostly picture….

And pick a perfect pumpkin from the patch. Then test your skills on…

Squash Tic Tac Toe,

Milk Jug Toss,

Kan Jam (played with frisbees),
Ladder Ball (shown at the far left),
and an adaptation of the table top soccer game foosball.
Then try your hand at a farm version of Kerplunk ,
and wander around a “pumpkin tree” !
Can you toss a witch hat?
Have you ever tried pumpkin bowling?
Don’t forget to follow the Pumpkin Path!

A Country Road

North Brookfield and New Braintree, Massachusetts

Past the apple orchard….
By the traditional bales of hay….
Hydrangeas are in full bloom.
A willow tree has been upended by a recent storm.

Driving by spacious fields….
We must be getting close to …
A farm stand.
Do you like Butter and Sugar or Yellow Corn better?

Christmas in July

It may not be cold December, but Kip’s Christmas Trees in the small town of New Braintree, Massachusetts are still a beautiful sight.

Just four months more of caretaking until the Christmas season!

Living Local, Part Two

Worcester County, where I live, leads the state in the number of farms.

Within a few miles from me, I enjoy visiting this farm.

How pleased I was to see that it is open!

It’s sweet corn time in Massachusetts!

Aw, shucks, I’ll buy a dozen.

In order to create a super fresh vegetarian meal, I add my own home grown cukes, tomatoes, arugala,

Green and yellow beans,

Swiss chard and kale. Colorful and nutritious. I’m grateful.

Living Local

The town of Rutland is situated in the exact center of Massachusetts. Rutland State Park is a few miles from where I live. This 300-acre recreation area has facilities for fresh water swimming, picnicking, fishing, hiking and non-motorized boating.