This local field is usually planted in corn. However, this year I noticed that the plants are more pointy at the top with closely planted rows, and have copious weeds in between . An internet research leads me to believe it is sorghum, which is used as silage.

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A Country Road

North Brookfield and New Braintree, Massachusetts

Past the apple orchard….
By the traditional bales of hay….
Hydrangeas are in full bloom.
A willow tree has been upended by a recent storm.

Driving by spacious fields….
We must be getting close to …
A farm stand.
Do you like Butter and Sugar or Yellow Corn better?

Christmas in July

It may not be cold December, but Kip’s Christmas Trees in the small town of New Braintree, Massachusetts are still a beautiful sight.

Just four months more of caretaking until the Christmas season!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To refresh and renew the front yard, combine seeds and plant cuttings collected last fall with duct tape and spray paint.

Duct tape strengthens the old resin chair, while “spring green” spray paint lends a pop of color to the furniture.
Last fall’s coleus cuttings have taken off in the recent wet weather.
Inside or outside, the succulent green kalanchoe flourishes.
Six cosmos seeds saved from last year go a long way to enliven this year’s flower bed!
Scarlet Runner bean seeds are easy to dry, and never fail in succeeding years.
Bright bean flowers are magnets for a variety of birds and insects.
Last year’s nasturtium seeds have bloomed yet again.
The “outdoor living room” under the hemlocks is a cool and breezy place to chat with friends and neighbors.

Living Local, Part Two

Worcester County, where I live, leads the state in the number of farms.

Within a few miles from me, I enjoy visiting this farm.

How pleased I was to see that it is open!

It’s sweet corn time in Massachusetts!

Aw, shucks, I’ll buy a dozen.

In order to create a super fresh vegetarian meal, I add my own home grown cukes, tomatoes, arugala,

Green and yellow beans,

Swiss chard and kale. Colorful and nutritious. I’m grateful.

“Chowdah” and More

Relaxed seaside eating on Cape Cod.

New England Clam Chowder
Lobster Features Prominently on Restaurant Signage.

Lobster Roll, Chowder, Slaw and….

Fried Clams with Onion Rings are popular.
Seafood Choices Abound!
Baked Scallops
Crab Cakes

Swordfish With Traditional Corn on the Cob and a Baked “Tater”
And for the “Landlubber”: Bourbon Beef Tips and…
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries!

Seaside decor adds ambience for both surf and turf.

Living Local

The town of Rutland is situated in the exact center of Massachusetts. Rutland State Park is a few miles from where I live. This 300-acre recreation area has facilities for fresh water swimming, picnicking, fishing, hiking and non-motorized boating.